WebAR or Web-based AR is a kind of AR experience where Augmented Reality (AR) experiences can be completely on web browsers. Thanks to the WebAR feature, they have the opportunity to view 3D where they are completely in Augmented Reality (AR) via web browsers on their mobile devices without downloading any application. Augmented Reality (AR) applications required an application download for experience to reach the final experience. On the other hand, with the development of web browser features of browsers, many web browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Mozilla etc. have the power not only to browse internet sites but also to run high-powered job postings such as applications. As 3D imaging technologies of these browsers such as WebGL became more and more, WebAR has also been on the rise.

Thanks to the WebAR feature of HoloNext, when mobile users click on the relevant content within the website, the cameras of their phones are turned on with the code integrated into the website, and they are directed completely through web browsers without downloading any application, allowing them to see AR experience. The ability to view Augmented Reality (AR) content in an effortless way increases the adaptation of users to AR, thus increasing their demand for AR content. In addition, it increases the interaction & conversion of its customers, especially on the e-commerce side, as Augmented Reality (AR) content on the websites and at the same time increases the sales rates.

Google especially works on the spread of WebAR content and the transformation of internet content into content containing 3D models such as GLB & GLTF instead of traditional JPEG etc. visual formats. For this, it prepares 3D models of some basic contents (nature contents – animals, scientific subjects – moon capsule, etc.) and lists them in search results. One of the most important reasons for the rapid rise of Augmented Reality (AR) technology in recent years is that almost many phones support WebAR technology. Today, many mid-lower segment phones and the web browsers they use support WebAR feature. WebAR also provides a great advantage for companies that previously wanted to apply Augmented Reality (AR) technology to their business model but had difficulty in downloading an additional application to their customers. Thanks to the WebAR feature, companies have had the opportunity to easily show their products to their customers as Augmented Reality (AR) on their websites without the need to download any additional applications.

If you want to activate the WebAR feature on your own website and view your products in 3D and Augmented Reality (AR), please contact with us.