Frequently Asked Questions

I don't have any 3D models of my products. Do you provide any 3D modelling design service?

Don’t worry, we have professional 3D Artist in HoloNext team that can design any 3D model from your product photos very fast and accurately.

How can we show our products in 3D and AR mode through our web site?

By using our zero code platform, you can easliy copy & paste embeded codes to your web site and show your assets in 3D and AR within a minute.

Do I need to download any app in order to see my products in Augmented Reality (AR) mode?
HoloNext let you see 3D models completely from web browsers, doesn’t require any additional app.
Can I edit and change my 3D models in realtime?
Definetly yes. HoloNext cloud base AR system works in realtime. When you edit and change your 3D content in web based editor, it all also changes in the web page where it was embeded before. All yourchanges will be seen in 3D and AR modes in realtime.

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