Web based 3D immersive shop

Create your own web based 3D shop

Fully Functional AR Design Studio


3D Viewer

Web Based Editor

Multi Platform

Secure Cloud

How It Works

1) Upload your 3D content

Login to HoloNext panel and upload your 3D model from 3D Editor section. You can upload in GLB, gLTF or Obj file formats.

2) Edit 3D models with web based studio

Edit size, color and texture of the model easily with HoloNext 3D Editor. You can also add/delete multiple objects and products in a single scene.

3) Share and publish

When you finish editing and customizing your 3D product features, just save and publish the scene, that’s all. Now your customers can view your product in 3D and AR from their devices instantly.

3D Content Management System

HoloNext cloud system enbale you to manage and distribute your 3D content from one source easliy. Your 3D model assets are kept in our secure cloud platform.

Multi-platform AR Experience

HoloNext cloud based platform optimize your 3D models in order to provide best AR and 3D experience through mobile devices, computers and smart-glasses.

Web-based Augmented Reality (WebAR)

HoloNext platform optimizes the size of your 3D content for web-based AR experience (WebAR) in iOS devices & Android devices and also for seamless 3D viewing experience in desktop browsers.

Web-Based Augmented Reality (WebAR)

Built from scratch for the web, HoloNext optimises the performance of your 3D content across iOS devices, Android and desktop browsers

On iPhone and iPad

Instant USDZ file format conversion for AR and 3D view in iOS devices

On Android Devices

View in 3D and AR by using ARCore function for Android devices

In Desktop Browsers

Easy to view, rotate and zoom 3D models in browsers, with photo realistic lighting

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