Mixed Reality Solutions for Businesses

Changing Your Business Style With Mixed Reality Technologies

Mixed Reality is a kind of real-time and interactive type of experience created by combining real and virtual worlds through wearable computer equipment. The virtual world and the physical world are all intertwined and come together to cover all the features of the Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies.

Mixed Reality is not only a enrichment of the objects in the physical environment with computer-based data, but also a whole new realistic genre where virtual objects act as a part of the space found, can be changed and reshaped. In a new type of reality where virtual and real content intermingle and move together, the user can experience all kinds of experiences he imagines with new virtual objects without breaking away from the real world, but also beyond the boundaries of the real world.

Imagine that your friend’s 3D sitting at the same time sitting on the couch in the other corner of your living room and chatting with you live while the wall in your room is now transforming into a huge virtual TV watching football matches.

Mixed Reality Application Fields

• Mixed Reality Games
• Mixed Reality Industry 4.0
• Mixed Reality Education Applications
• Mixed Reality Architecture Applications
• Mixed Reality Furniture Applications
• Mixed Reality Health Applications
• Mixed Reality Online Shopping Applications
• Mixed Reality Museum Applications